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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  August 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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season's premiere. very cool. that is all the money we have got for you today. we will see you for more at 5:00 p.m. eastern. have a nice evening, everybody. "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello, everybody, i am gerri willis. scary sinkholes are back. how safe is your neighborhood? from a geologist later. and a host of tax problems after losing a loved one. how you can deal with that. and money-saving monday. a simple trick to get your homeowners insurance to pay for your claim. we are watching for you tonight on "the willis report."
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all that and more coming up, but first our top story tonight. they passed obamacaae and now they don't want it. outrage over congress getting a pre-pass from the law of the land riddled with problems right before skipping town on a five-week long vacation. claiming now, president of the american actions form. great to have you here. how is this that congress can give us the prescription for health care, health care and then they don't live by it. what do you say? speaker this is a mess. take way will be washington takes care of its own and doesn't pay attention to us. obamacare passed, it forced the federal government to drop the employer-sponsored insurance so unlike every other employer, is one had to go away, dumped the staffers into the obamacare exchanges and it barred the federal government from supporting the health insurance
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so you have any kind of a contribution. gerri: like regular americans they only get the money when they deserve the money. there are certain economic thresholds. doesn't it make a difference? >> i don't think they should get the subsidies, it is not the point the law did something clean it wouldn't. if you like your insurance, you don't have to change it. it actually said you have to get rid of it, that was step number one. step number two was indefensible in fixing this. ruling we did not mean it, we are sorry. they had no ability to do that. this is the latest in that the administration has used his executive powers to overrule the law and it has become just a joke. laws are passed and should be adhered to by the administration. gerri: it is a lot like the debate ar in the clinton administration of whatever it was, the caithness word, case is
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not withstanding. which would today be mean we don't care about other laws. they are interpreting it just the opposite. >> deliberately put in to make sure you have a sweeping power. it was to make sure that there was no way they could keep the existing federal health insurance benefit. they reinvented the benefit into new clothing by ignoring the words. you just have to stand in your head to make sense. gerri: the people who know the most about this, the folks on capitol hill, they say 90% say they don't want to be forced onto obamacare. they probably know about it more than anybody else and they say not a chance, i don't want that. there is a new poll out tonight, obamacare is a joke 57%,
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obamacare needs to be changed 63%. it seems to me there is a broad group of people who have decided this law is for the birds. speak it is interesting, for years now there is a very firmly transitioned viewpoints. the narrow majority thought it was a bad idea. the claim was as a become implement that people have grown to like it. the opposite has happened. more and more problems have arisen, people have taken time to look at what is going on and don't like what they see and this will get worse before it gets better. gerri: talking 50 days to obamacare, 50 things needed to be done. are we going to be ready? >> there has already been an amendment, shoving place for small businesses is gone for the year. we got rid of employer mandate and reporter requirements but they still won't make it. this enterprises so gargantuan
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and so, gated they will not get the computer systems up and running in time to test them. october 1 will prove to be a very interesting day in the life of people who have insurance through these exchanges. gerri: and it will hurt all of us. here is a poll you are going to like, congress is less popular than cockroaches, root canals, colonoscopy, traffic jams, use carmen, genghis khan is more popular than congress. genghis khan. i am just saying they don't like you guys that much in washington. >> my old boss had a joke where he said paid staffers and family, but the numbers are really that bad now. those of the only people who say they support congress. gerri: it is absolutely true. so good to see you, thank you. now we want to know what you think.
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should congress had to live by the same rules as the rest of us? vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share the results at the end of the show. we had a sinkhole of congress and now swallowing up condo resort giving 100 tourists a horrible surprise good fortunately nobody was hurt in the collapse but 20% is susceptible, how dangerous are they? with more on this, physical scientist and geologist at the u.s. geological survey. thank you for coming on tonight. tell us what a sinkhole really is. >> is the collapse of settlement into a cavity below the surface, simply put. gerri: what is collapsing? limestone, is that the typical?
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>> there are holes in the limestone. it dissolves and gets holes in it, there are overburdened materials that overlie that, sand and clay will slowly revel in. it will hold itself together and the cavity can get larger and then it can abruptly collapse and that is what a sinkhole in florida is. gerri: why are they all in florida? >> they're not all in floor to, but a number of areas underlain by limestone and part of the landscape evolution over time, over geologic time. >>gerri: seems there are more ad more sinkholes but the reality may be something different, what is going on? >> there are more things we are doing to the earth's surface, we move drainage around, we pave areas, where kind of more in the landscape so i thing as population increases we will see
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continued sinkholes. we build in pipelines and disturb the earth materials so i think some is just part of we are mucking around in the geologic material. gerri: in florida and tennessee the good news is you can get homeowners insurance to cover this with the rest of the country you can't. ithat is basically the way that it works. tiger woods house is starting to have problems from sinkholes. is this something everybody is going to have to watch out for? this is going to affect more and more people? >> i think over time there are older places over time it is possible we could see increases, but we're going to have to live more responsibly on the land surface. the other issues getting coverage were doing preventative construction. informing with scientific
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expertise where to build, where not to build, what to do, what not to do. gerri: what should i look for? what will be the telltale signs in my yard i could be in trouble? >> cracking, doors or windows that don't operate properly, things out of square. if a tree suddenly leans or dies, their obvious visual effects. a good thing to do is document that with photos over time and a ruler or something and keep track of the date. it could be natural settling but if there is something big going on, you will see signs and it is not in split seccnds. you generally have time. but it is something if you need to get it checked out, you should get with the insurance companies and geotechnical engineers and they have different ways to investigate. gerri: i know people are
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wondering and my next. thank you for coming on, great to have you on the show. all right, lot more still to come including losing a loved one is bad enough but it gets worse the relative leaves you with that. ana new government report shows how our kids are being overprescribed dangerous antipsychotic drugs. all the details coming up. stay with us.
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gerri: is the quest for a quick fix putting our children in danger? federal health investigators are exploring kids and medical system. joining us now, a psychologist. what are these drugs to begin with? >> they're giving them antipsychotic drugs known as second or third generation antipsychotic drugs having less side effects than the originals. now they're giving medications.
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they originally were designed to be antipsychotic medications to help people with schizophrenia but they were diagnosed, people diagnosed with adult schizophrenia so giving drugs to children that they had not been approved for. gerri: some of these kids are one-year-old. >> they're using the drugs for autism, bipolar disorder. they show some effectiveness but the real issue is what are the side effects? there are a lot of side effects for young people and old people. gerri: kids as young as five, as young as one are getting these drugs. what you think is really going on here? why are they getting the heavy-duty drugs? >> first and foremost we don't want to invest in psychotherapy and, control.
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lock come from poor backgrounds, medicaid and other funding paying for the drug. a lot of the kids are in foster care not trying to rock the boat they can should behavior is controlled and they just don't want to invest in the future of these children because we don't know the side effects may be later on down the road. gerri: how do you know if you have any of this stuff? when i look at the general population, people who are not on medicaid, people paying for the drugs i am shocked the drugs are being given to young kids. >> there eight times more given to children on medicaid. part of the issue biological parents are not present, a lot of these kids have very big, emotional issues seeing in foster care so they don't want to rock the boat, they want to stay in the homes but it is not the answer. the answer is psychotherapy,
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control, working with the kids, working with the families. they are way too young to the medicated with heavy-duty side effects. gerri: what about those who are this unbelievable cocktail that is shocking. >> some of it is the pressure from the schools that they pretty much it don't control the behavior of this child, they cannot be in the school. they'rthere sold a bill of good, given the medication, you have to do it the old-fashioned way. put the work and the effort in in the long run you will have a healthier child, emotionalll, psychologically and typically. gerri: later in the show, the man behind tesla and space x is
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unveiling his vision for revolutionary new transportation system. we will have a live report on that, and we will have tips on the best way to cope when you inherit a money mess. stay with us. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, -branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use dailmarket commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office ides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade... ranked "highest in customer loyalty for brokerage and investment companies."
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gerri: inheriting a financial mess my loved one can devastate your bottom line. tips to managing the nightmare in 60 seconds.
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gerri: i know you work hard to keep your financial house in order, but situations outside of your control can wreak havoc on your bottom line. for instance, inheriting a financial mess my loved one who passes, majored debt can get
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passed on to you or you may have you take care of them, so how do you handle that? welcome back to the show. so good to see you here. you know, you look at what is going on with the elderly in this country and they are under a lot of financial duress he had what is on there? >> 3.3 million older americans 2.2 million americans oweomes, student loan debt the average balance is $20,000. huge increase in bankruptcies and they say 75% or two-thirds of people over 75 have nothing left in their retirement, so we're looking at a real financial crisis and that is there for the people left behind when they pass away. gerri: i cannot tell you how many open up that package with a find is that they did not have
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the money that they thought they did and their surprise and don't find out until after they have passed. which of those obligations can actually be passed on to the next generation? >> generally are not responsible for the death of a loved one who died unless your spouse makes unity estate or you cosign. but there are some caveats. one woman told me she got added onto her elderly mom's account so she could take care of the bills and talk to them and after she died there were claiming she was a cosigner and said you are liable for the balance. her word against theirs. even if you're not responsible for the debt, somebody has to clean up this mess. you may have to pay for an accountant do final tax returns, it can be very expensive. ggrri: a lot of kids never even talked their parents about the money. they are afraid to open up the discussion.
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how do you do that? >> is a tough discussion to have. i went through it with a who died, that prompted me to talk to my parents. we shared a lot of information. do they have a will, do they have debt we are dealing with. have the updated the beneficiaries, because if they haven't, the money may go to somebody they did not intend to get that money and you are trying to be helpful. gerri: you don't want to look like you have your hands out asking for dell. if you find yourself in a position of having this. >> order the credit report for the person who died if you are trying to resolve the estate. they will require you to show the letters of testimony showing you are authorized to handle the estate. the other thing you don't want to do is get greedy and go in and take things before the estate is settled so people will take the jewelry or the
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furniture and if there are debt, the estate may be liable, if you liquidated assets you could be in big trouble. that is something you don't want to do as well. gerri: definitely a step you don't want to take, but people have learned a lot from this segment. thank you so much for being here today. really appreciate it. coming up we have money-saving tips when it comes to homeowners, and september a doozy for investors in a string of market moving headline set to come out next month. what should you do with your money? coming up. weekdays are for rising to the challenge.
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they're the days to ta care of business. when possibilities become reality. with centurylink as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadbandetwork free you to focus on what matters. with custocommunications solutions and responsive, dedited support, we constantly evolve to meet your needs. every day of the week. centurink® your link to what's next. gerri: september, it is the tory
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us for being the worst month of the year for stocks and investors are bracing for a perfect storm of political and economic events that could do serious damage to your portfolio. joining me now, money steps. chief investment officer of pollutions fund group. author of "you can never be too rich. i will start with you, are you worried about september, should i be worried about september? >> i am not worried whatsoever. there's a lot of fighting is going to happen with the budget and deficit taking up a lot of oxygen but the coast is clear, it never makes sense. we have to stay the course and not worry. it is baked into the market right now. gerri: the last time we had this big debate over money in washington stocks went through the floor. is that going to happen again?
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>> i think there are a number of other factors you have to consider. the number of stocks trading above or below the 50 day moving average. the internals are rotten, we have had margin debt reaching its peak in april which has been in decline since may. if we are looking at sort of the market language, it is already telling us what it is september, october, november we are in extreme peril. i would disagree strongly. gerri: what kind of a correction are you expecting? >> i think a 20% correction would be about normal. 20, 25% chance of it being 30 or 40%. i don't know that we will preach at 10,000, but it would not come as a surprise keep in mind how dependent the markets are on speech from the fed. gerri: does david have it right? >> no.
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i will be the smartest guy in the room by saying it is impossible to predict this because three financial guys what will happen in the market, you're gging to get five different opinions. the question people need to ask themselves is are you a trader or are you an investor. good luck trying to time the market. if you are an investor you should be a good portfolio knowing something didn't go up, something didn't go down, don't ever try to time the market. gerri: i have watched the growth all year, gdp growth, larry, it is not impressive at this point, don't know what is going to market up other than ben bernanke. is there anything to look forward to hear? >> there's a lot holding it up right now. we all need some for the markets to go forward. we have had macro calm holding a market up. balance sheets that are strong,
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multiples that are okay and central banks around the world. can we correct by 5%, sure, why not. but overall we still are going to march higher. i don't think it is strong enough to have a big correction. gerri: they will talk about what they have been involved in four months and months. what do you think they will do in september? will they pull the rug out from under the economy? >> they can do anything, the challenge is doing with ramifications of what they choose and if they decide to taper or pull back, you're going to see a rise in rates and a drop in equities. it will have a major impact on housing, that has been the recovery at this point so i think there is a lot to lose for them to pull back. they have not taken any actions
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as of yet and i am not sure they will take any major actions given a pass from a leader to the next am not sure they want to roil the market in the context of the passing of leadership. gerri: take a look at who may be replacing ben bernanke. could be larry summers, janet yellen, there is a mystery candidate. who would be best for my pocketbook? who should i be cheering for? >> i can start taking votes who i think would be best but it is tough to say because the person they put in place nobody has any idea what that person is going to direct for the reserve and how fast they ease up. whether that person is if-then-else easing will take place a little faster than everybody expects, the market gets rattled, read on.
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gerri: i like that attitude. take advantage of the opportunity that is presented to you. the federal reserve will do their thing in september. goodness knows what is going to happen to our credit rating through all of this. it seems to me this is a perfect storm of bad news for the market. do you think because we have been through this, we charge the stories again and again, will we see a lot of downside action in the market come this fall? >> we will see a lot of consolidation and congestion. these are all things known in the market in the old adage is we all know what will happen. not exactly, but the budget will be a crisis, it will be a last-minute mudslinging and all that sort of thing. the fact is we need to stay the course. it is the things we don't know
6:34 pm
that are going to hurt us. not the things we know. gerri: thank you for coming on. you guys are great. i love it when people disagree. thank you. transforming mass transportation, tesla ceo elon musk unveiling the plans for hyperloop. an exclusive look developing similar technologies. >> you might be wondering why i am sitting reclined. basically we are inside fox business exclusive with a mockup of the cap so that could take us from new york to beijing in two hours.
6:35 pm
it is relevant because elon musk came out with his big plan to transform high-speed rail by eliminating it and putting into place this high-speed sort of transport. you are just in a meeting a couple of weeks ago talking about the designs and we know it will cost $70 million, it will be l.a. to san francisco in 30 minutes. this is a lot of exciting technology, but this is a lot of people looking at this technology from different ways. what are your reactions to his plan for creating point a to point b transport? >> i am really impressed somebody with his technical ability and business ability has had the courageo take a stand against something that is just wrong. wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer money. if we can build things with the
6:36 pm
best technology, and he has made a giant step in the right direction to do that, hyperloop is undoubtedly much more value than high-speed rail is. >> talk about going hundreds of miles of our. what will it do for a company like yours developing this technology, doing it for more than a decade. >> hyperloop is more like a bus sized vehicle. what we're talking about my medically levitating cars, it has similarities with hyperloop. as far as the development of it goes, we have been focused on maximizing the value of transportation for the last 15 years. there are now 273 licensees in over 20 nations. >> essentially a lot of opportunities.
6:37 pm
developing a lot of the research. certainly something we are going to be staying on. we will be following this story planning to break ground on a testing tracked by the end of the year and we will be there. gerri: you have done a great job today. thank you for coming on. interesting stuff. i wonder how long it would take me to get to westchester. when we come back, list of the most difficult companies to interview for and many of us wait months and months insurance coming to pay up but since it is money-saving monday, tips on the best ways to get their butt in gear. stay with us.
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gerri: it is the show down every homeowner dreads.
6:41 pm
wanting your home insurer to pay up with a drag you their feet ty your claim. thank you for coming on this show. i think in reality there are a lot of things customers can do to speed the plow and get the process moving. >> with it being storm season it is a really good time to do a home inventory. you don't have to make a huge, long list. take pictures and videos of everything. know your's insurance institute app making it easy to keep this in a safe place. you can immediately get that insurance company and that will put you at the head of the line. gerri: some have their own apps they want you to use. sometimes freelance adjusters
6:42 pm
who say you have a big claim on your home, your worried about getting your adjuster in there in a timely fashion. should you use a freelance adjuster? speaker that is exactly right. independent adjusters coming in from all over the country jumping on you trying to get you to work with them right away. first try to work with your company. and then all insurance companies have a process to help you get claims paid. many of them can work with the insurance company. those things don't work, then you can get help, but keep in mind they may charge 10 to 50% of the claims settlement so try to get that done first on your own. gerri: lets talk about what you pay for this insurance. i like to raise the deductible so if i have some cost to pay something out of pocket. what do you recommend?
6:43 pm
speaker that is a great idea. if you go from about $500 to $1000 deductible you can lower your premiums by about 20% or so. if you have that much money in your emergency savings you can save another 24% or so. another key thing is not only does it reduce your premium but also prevents you from filing small claims that can get you dropped by your insurance company or a price hike. gerri: another thing to point out is some of the good insurers if you don't have claims you get a benefit from that, a financial benefit so we to look for that when you are shopping around. you say you don't want to file a lot of small claims. what is the size of the claim you'd like to file hashtag >> think maybe even a buffer of a few hundred dollars beyond the deductible because keep in mind are only getting that pay out beyond the deductible and if the
6:44 pm
insurance company raises your rate for a small claim say 10% the next three to five years you could easily end up paying more in premiums because of that claim than you ever got from the insurance company. definitely wait until the few hundred dollars above that deductible before you file that claim. gerri: when you are in a car accident last thing you want to think about is the insurance to come. there rattled, nervous wondering where the cops are. is it enough to trade insurance information and are on the scene with the other drivers? >> is another area with a smart phones have made things so much easier. we're normally on the side of the road, very rattled. take pictures of everything. the damage to your car, or other car, instead of taking the time to write dental information from the person's insurance card, take a picture of the insurance card. get the accident report number, gather all that evidence and
6:45 pm
like you said with homeowners insurance also a lot of the auto insurance companies have apps make it easy to submit this information directly into your claims file with the insurers. the more you can gather smart phone, the easier it will be. gerri: thank you for coming on, appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. gerri: still to come, my two cents more and job horror stories. we will have some dos and don'ts, plus we will hear your stories. stay with us. my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to trea, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can rtore t levels to normal in about 2 wks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18
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gerri: well, interviewing for a job can be tough to matter how high or low the position. throughout this next segment we will show you the horror stories our viewers have told us about on twitter, but first i went to the streets of new york to ask folks what were their stories from job interviews? speaker you cannot ask us our age. it is a union rule and if they say how old, you say no can do that we had to have gotten ask asked, but most people now know you're not supposed to ask. >> so what do you say? >> rude. rude question. >> asking people whether you've
6:50 pm
ever had a weird question in a job interview or a funny answer, do you ever get asked anything other offbeat? >> ask like my nationality, i think they were looking for hispanics or something but i said i am asian. they said sorry, never mind. i guess i am not qualified. my job is at victoria's secret they asked i wanted to work here. i still want to work for you. >> somebody sent in a rrsume for a job which the person could be a model, and they said modeling photos in their underwear. not good for the job. gerri: modeling photos in their underwear. some of those are pretty bad, right?
6:51 pm
certain companies apparently make the whole process even more excruciating. glassdoor came up with a list of 25 most difficult companies to interview for. a community expert. you come up with this list, but what are you measuring when you say a tough interview, what does that mean? >> it fixes list unique is it is based off of job candidate feedback so the job candidates themselves went through the process, they share their own experience and when we aggregate the data, you can identify which companies they say over the past year are the toug stuff is to interview at. >> it is like through the roof, 23 days. are you kidding me? that seems so painful. >> and they are not kidding you. the average is actually 16 days. many companies on this list in
6:52 pm
particular surpassed 16 by far. part of the reason is these employers want to make sure they're doing everything they can to separate the great talent from the good talent and there are many reasons behind that. gerri: i will go through this list starting at number five and talk about why it is so difficult to interview with. what is going on in boston? >> a consulting agency worldwide known for very rigorous, tough interview questions that are very case based such as what would you do if, it is x and y, what is the. research agency. again, multiple interview rounds, some job candidates say from five to nine different meetings just interviewing. gerri: these are consultants, these people listed jawbone.
6:53 pm
>> interviewing at this company with multiple people from potential team members up to executives. gerri: in chicago. >> a tech company known for very difficult sometimes obscure, almost rain teaser questions and they don't necessarily have a right or wrong answer, or testing critical thinking skills. gerri: i have heard about this, multiple rounds, on and on they go. >> number one on this list for three years in a row. what separates them is a lot of testing from online test to writing to math. they compare the math test. gerri: i know people love these kind of lists and it is shocking to me all kinds of companies on this list including a llt of
6:54 pm
tech and consultants. really appreciate your time, good stuff. >> you are welcome. gerri: if you want to see the complete list, log onto we heard some of your job interview horror stories on the street, but the top five really sums it all up. the worst job interview mistakes you can make. number five, you're desperate being overeager or saying yes to everything our major red flags. also try not to ramble, like i do sometimes a little bit. number four, you are to focus on yourself. try not to use i too often in an interview. do not badmouth a previous employer. there are diplomatic ways of explaining a bad job or a bad boss like saying youure looking for new challenges, right? number two, bringing your parent
6:55 pm
or your pet. people do this all the time, it happens, especially with millennial's. a good rule of thumb. the number one mistake not to make on a job interview, taking calls or text on an interview. turn off your phone completely, hearing it ring can be destructive for an interviewer. being late, not knowing enough about the company you are interviewing with, chewing gum, you get the idea. we will be right back with my two cents more and the answer to our question of the day. should congress had to live by the same rules we do? stay with us.
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gerri: the count down to obamacare continues members of congress continue to exempt themselves and their staff. do you think congress should
6:59 pm
have to live by the same rules as the rest? here is what you are posting on my facebook page. kathy agrees that was founding father's intention, period. we asked question on, 97% said yes, 3% said no. and the exemption that congress and congressional aides get from obamacare is insulting, that is what i think. their message, it is good enough for you, but we wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. 94 lawmakers who came into was of end of 2011 had a median income of $1 million,. median income of americans is a million dollars less. 66700, hardon us for not wanting to pay 75% of your premiums that we do. it is time you felt like the
7:00 pm
rest of america. that is my two cents more, that is it for tonight's willis report. have a great night, we'll see you back here tomorrow. lou: good evening, thank you for being with us, obama administration continued roll back of "law & order," sends attorney general eric holder to reveal latest initiative to cut prosecution of person drug crimes to withhold information and certain prosecutions about amounts of drugs involved in the crime. to reduce prison sentences in some cases. and to free some particularly alderly inmates not -- elderly inmates, not convicted of violent crimes for humanitarian reasons, administration acting to reduce drug crime sentences, obama white house ordered federal prosecutors to revamp


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